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Sample Interview Questions
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Prior to the interview, read these questions and think about how you would answer them in your interview.
Work History
1.What kind of job experiences have you had that relate to this position?
2.Tell me about a problem you solved on your previous job. How did you go about solving it?
3.What aspects of your previous job did you like?
4.What aspects of your previous job did you dislike?
5.Describe your techniques for getting the job done.
6.What are some of the assignments in your previous job that you found difficult to perform?
7.Why were these assignments difficult?
8.Describe your perfect or ideal job.
9.Tell me about your relations with coworkers.
10.Tell me about any barriers you felt were holding you back from achieving your goals with the company.
11.What kind of job experiences have you had that relate to this position? 
1.Describe a situation in which you recognized a potential problem as an opportunity. What did you do?
2.Give me a specific example of a time when you sold your supervisor or professor on an idea or concept. How did you proceed? What was the result?
3.Describe the system you use for keeping track of multiple projects. How do you track your progress so that you can meet deadlines?
4.Tell me about a time when you came up with an innovative solution to a challenge your company or class was facing. What was the challenge? What roles did others play?
5.What, in your opinion, are the key ingredients in building and maintaining successful business relationships? Give me examples of how you’ve made these relationships work for you.
6.Describe a specific problem you solved for your employer  How did you approach the problem?
7.What roles did others play? What was the outcome? (Decision making)
Attitudes and Goals
1.What are your greatest strengths? Weaknesses?
2.Where would you like to be career-wise in 5 years?
3.Do you believe your talents and abilities are
well-matched to this position?
4.What company policies or procedures did you dislike? Why?
5.What do you know about our company?
6.Could you tell me why you are interested in this job?  
7.What have been your biggest frustrations in your
job/career life?
8.What do you like least about this position?
9.How long would you stay if we offered you this position?
10.What do you really want to do in life?
11.What are your 3 greatest career accomplishments?
12.Why do you want to leave your present employ
Questions for you to ask the Interviewer
Hopefully you have done your homework and already know quite a bit about the company you are interviewing with. Take advantage of the face-to-face conversation with the employer to ask personal and/or specific questions such as:
1.What is the typical workday like?
2.What aspects of your job take the most time?
3.What do you like most (and least) about your job?
4.What skills/abilities are most important to succeed in this job?
5.What specific advice would you give to someone entering this field?
6.What is the path of career advancement in this field?
7.What is the work environment like regarding overtime, hours of work, vacation, office attire?